Our Story

Claim to Fame Entertainment L.L.C specializes in hosting & sponsoring esport gaming, recreational gaming, and different entertainment based activities in the Capital Region of New York State. Our company is dedicated to expanding the community of competitive gaming to the Upstate New York area by hosting, sponsoring and participating in local gaming events.

As a foundation Claim to Fame Entertainment will help strengthen the competitive and social gaming
communities in the Capital Region by providing a safe and friendly atmosphere for gaming enthusiast of all levels.

Claim to Fame Entertainment L.L.C is the first dedicated business to the esports community in Upstate New York. Our focus is to enhance the esports gaming and competitive gaming scene in the Capital Region by providing professional staff and equipment. As part of our dedication to the expanding community of competitive gaming in Upstate New York we will be hosting events, sponsoring events/players, and creating a network for gamers. Claim to Fame has worked with many different organization to bring esports to the Capital Region which include; GameStop, Recovery Sport Grill, Lucky Strike Social, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), The College of Saint Rose.

Meet Claim to Fame Team

Michael Crossman


12 Years of Esport Development

10 Years of Sales Development & Management

10 Years of Marketing

8 Years of Esport & Gaming Consulting

NYS Mentor Certified

EEN Certified Esports Club Sponsor

Anthony Crossman


Sales and Customer Service professional with 10+ years of high competitive metric driven experience.

Dedicated professional of quality community service and outreach.

Effective Brand Management Coach with 10+ years of Training and Coaching successful individuals and organizations.

NYS Mentor Certified

Dan Schelde


20 years tournament organization experience

Event coordination, management, planning and marketing

NYS Mentor Certified

John Crossman


NYS Mentor Certified

25 years of experience in Bookkeeping

40 years as an Instructor and Mentor in many different subjects providing a productive, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment

Disabled USMC Veteran, Retired LEO

Certified STEM Instructor

Jason Pettingell


20+ years Sales Management and experience

20+ years Customer service Experience and event coordinating

15+ years Bar/Food/Catering industry

Completed Leadership Program and Lead Uncle Sam Chapter Demolay

10+ Years Livesteam experience and casting

NYS Mentor Certified