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Enter to win Madden 19!

Claim to Fame Entertainment will be hosting a Madden Tournament this summer! Players will have a chance to win a free copy of Madden 19 for any Xbox One or Playstation 4. Come play local Madden players on stream with casters!

Venue Fee: $30
Tournament Fee: $10

Tournament fee will be paid out to top 3 players
Tournament Winnings based on Number of Players entered

To enter please sign up here on this page. Monster Energy Drinks will be provided for contestants along with pizza and other giveaways. Double Elimination Format.

First Place:
60% Tournament Fee Winnings
Prize will be a FREE copy of Madden 19 for the Xbox One or Playstation 4

Second Place:
30% Tournament Fee Winnings

Third Place:
10% Tournament Fee Winnings



Open to all Madden Players


General Guidelines:
  • You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from the Madden 2018 roster. No other teams are allowed (Created teams, all madden, canton greats, etc.)
  • You may change teams between rounds.
  • You may change your playbook between rounds.
  • Seeding and matchups for the tournament will be done by random draw.
  • Home and away will be decided with a coin flip
  • In the event a game ends with the score tied, the game will be restarted with the same game situation (including field position and possession if possible), and the first team to score will win.
  • In the event of a power loss or system freeze, the game will be restarted with “situational setup” to exactly match the score, settings, quarter, time, and possession and play will resume.
  • The IM Manager/Supervisor reserves the right to make changes to the tournament format at any time.
Game Settings:

Game Settings are as follows:

  • Difficulty: All-Madden
  • AI Settings: Default
  • Game Clock: 4 min quarters (may be decreased depending on time.)
  • Weather: Random
  • Championship will be held in “Super Bowl” Mode
  • Challenges: ON
  • Substitutions can ONLY be made:
    • Before the kickoff
    • At halftime
    • If a timeout is called
Cheating, Glitches, Reporting a Violation:

If you believe your opponent is cheating by abusing game programming glitches to gain advantage, or is violating the parameters set by the IM Staff, report it immediately. The decision made by the supervisor on disqualification or point penalty is final.

Possible Glitches and Cheating Methods

  • D-Lineman must be kept on the screen
  • Onside Kicks are permitted ONLY:
    • When the kickoff team is down by 21+
    • When the kicking team is losing in the 4th Quarter
  • No one may assist another player with decisions during the game.
  • In a situation where a FG is going to be attempted and the clock is running down, the defense CANNOT jump offside in effort to make the clock run out
  • Excessive intentional penalties will result in disqualification
  • Excessively toggling the screen to gain advantage is not allowed
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