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— Location/Parking —

We still be on Saint Rose campus but will be moving the venue to Saint Joseph’s Hall. Free street parking is available.

— Food —

There will be a concessions stand at the venue selling foods and drinks, as well as well as many local/chain places to go and eat within walking distance

— Covid Regulations —

Mask must be worn at all times in venue

Full Vaccination & Booster is highly recommended

— Saint Rose Student Discount —

If you are a student at The College of Saint Rose you are eligible for a $15 discount! Reach out to Saint Rose’s Head Coach of Esports for more information at vignonej@strose.edu


Refunds are at the sole discretion of Claim to Fame Entertainment and may not include fee’s paid upon registration

— Rules —

— True Smash —

3 Stocks

7 Minutes

Random Stages, Stage Morph On, All Items On, Random Characters, Sudden Death Will Be Played Out

Each player will have one reroll per set. Must be used at the beginning of the game (To dodge your character, your opponent’s character, or the initial stage)

Top 3 Best of 5

I, the TO writing these rules, plan on winning this event

— Doubles —

3 Stocks

7 Minutes

Top 3 Best of 5

— Singles —

3 Stocks

7 Minutes

Singles Pools Matches: Best of 3

Singles Top 32 Matches: Best of 5

— Payout —

True Smash:

1st – 60% 2nd – 30% 3rd – 10%


1st – 60% 2nd – 30% 3rd – 10%


1st – 40% 2nd – 20% 3rd – 15% 4th – 10% 5th – 5% 7th – 2.5%

Game 1: RPS 1-2-1 bans. Games 2-5: Winner bans two stages, last stage they won on is banned. (MDSR)

Game 1: RPS 1-2-1 bans. Games 2-5: Winner bans two stages, last stage they won on is banned. (MDSR)
— Registration Details —

Early Bird Registration: August 11th – September 12th: $10

Normal Registration: September 13th – October 31st: $15

Late Registration: November 1st – November 30th: $20

If you ask to register in the month of December, 2 days before the tournament, Dan will be dispatched to your house, and Dan will be grumpy.

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