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Immortal Fight Night Mondays Information and Rule Set

$10 venue fee

Singles and Doubles Reg starts: 5:00
Doubles starts: 5:45
Singles Starts: 7:00


Main Stage Game:
Super Smash Bros. for WII U

Featured Games:
Dragonball Fighter Z
Marvel vs Capcom infinite
Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Street Fighter 5

Super Smash Bros. for WII U Rules:

5 minute match timer, if you have not started your match within 5 minutes after its been called you will be DQ’ed

Game Setting’s

2 Stock
6 Minute Time Limit
Items: None/all Items are toggled: off
Pause: off
No Custom Movesets or Equipment

Bracket Type:
Double Elimination
Sets: Best 2 wins of 3 rounds
Top 6: Best 3 out of 5 rounds

Striking Format:
1-2-1 format
1 Strike
2 Strikes
1 More Strike

Counterpick rules:
Winner picks character
Then loser picks
Winner of last match gets 1 stage ban
Loser picks from remaining stages

Starter Stages:
Final Destination*
Lylat Cruise
Town & City

Counterpick Stages:
Dream Land 64*
Omega Stages: Midgar, Suzaku Castle and Palutena’s Temple.
*If Final Destination is struck, Omega Stages are struck and vice versa
*If Battlefield is banned, Dreamland 64 will be banned and vice versa.

Gentlemen’s Clause:
The gentlemen’s clause will only be viable if the stage is an Omega Form. Duck Hunt or Umbra Clock Tower base forms can be viable for the gentlemen’s clause if both players agree on either of the stages.

Coaching Rules:
Coaching IS allowed. 30 second time limit. If you are going to get coached, let the opponent and tournament organizer know beforehand and then you will be timed by the TO.

Anyone found to be cheating in any way will be banned from further events, poor sportsmanship will cause temporary/permanent bans from events.

Brackets will be run in other games if there is enough interest.

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