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Venue Fee: 10$ Bracket Fee: 5$

ALL REGISTRATIONS must be paid at time of registration, before the venue open start time. There will be NO payments at door. Due to the limited nature of these events all Registration/Bracket fees are non refundable. (except at the discretion of Claim to Fame Entertainment)

If you are playing Friendlies only register without selecting an event. If registration is capped you can still register to play friendlies but you will not be added into the bracket.

If you have registered for the events but may be a few minutes late, please Contact Claim to Fame Entertainment on Facebook, or contact any of the TOs.

Anyone found to be cheating will be banned from future events. Poor sportsmanship along with poor behavior can cause a temporary or permanent ban from events.

Commentary Info

Those who want to commentate on the stream are allowed to do so, but will have to refrain from talking about controversial topics and using profanity. Failure to respect these rules will cause temporary/permanent bans from the microphone.

Venue Miscellaneous Info


Payout Method

To stay consistent with COVID Regulations, players will need a Paypal account to receive their payout. In the case this is unavailable, please contact a Tournament Organizer.

—- Singles Payout is TOP 3 —-

1st: 60% of Bracket Fees Collected

2nd: 30% of Bracket Fees Collected

3rd: 10% of Bracket Fees Collected

—– Doubles Payout is TOP 2 —-

1st: 60% of Bracket Fees Collected

2nd: 40% of Bracket Fees Collected

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