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Claim to Fame Entertainment is proud to present WiFi Immortal Fight Night! Due to the recent pandemic, we have decided to migrate our normal weekly event to online! Until then, don’t expect any offline events!

You can find updates regarding this event in the Capital Region Discord! I totally reconmend joining this server to keep up with all news regarding the scene, along with interacting with it’s players! Additionally, you can contact TO’s of the event and help find players through this server.

Register at: Smash.gg/WiFN4

$2 Tournament Fee
$2 Bracket Fee

128 player cap
If cap is hit a $50 pot bonus will be added

5:30PM EST – Registration Closes
6:30PM EST – Singles Bracket Starts

Matches Streamed live on: Twitch.tv/claimtofameentertainment

This bracket uses the Frosbite 2020 Ruleset! https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ewUyIl0wu8RL70cQEJVk0P0fFmjC4IOBY9kKioyDLE/edit

In the case there are issues regarding your set during the event, please contact @Rucent#7699 in the Capital Region discord featured above! To help keep the event running smoothly, there will be an enforced DQ timer of 5 minutes. Anyone found to be cheating in any way will be banned from further events, poor sportsmanship/behavior will cause temporary/permanent bans from events. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the event! – Rucent

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