Gaming has a bad rap, probably because of the reputation it has garnered over the years from
gamers who spend too many hours playing. As with anything, gaming can be a fun and healthy
activity (some can actually have a positive impact on your brain!) when done in moderation.
Families can enjoy gaming together; it is a good opportunity to explore values such as
teamwork, healthy competition, and establishing self-discipline.

However, one of the most important factors parents worry about is child safety. But gaming can
be a safe activity with some research and advanced preparation. Sweet Pea Families offers
some insight to help you get an idea of how to make it fun and safe.

Safe Gaming Strategies
Choose a predetermined time to stop playing; this can help you avoid the evaporation of hours
that can happen when gaming. While there is no magic number, one to two hours of screen time
during the weekdays and three to four hours per day on weekends are considered safe. This
moderate amount of gaming can improve problem-solving skills, attention span, and IQ.

Don’t forget there are safety settings you can apply to your kids’ devices to protect them. You
can specify limits on time, content, and create specific boundaries for certain apps and games if
you are concerned about their influence on your child. Finding appropriate games for kids is an
important aspect of safe gaming. It can be challenging; parents are forced to straddle the line
between finding fun, safe games while avoiding ones the kids would consider lame.

Letting kids help with the selection process can be a good experience in that it encourages them
to consider what is safe. Check game ratings together and discuss what safe gaming looks like.
Some safe family games include adventure games like Giganotosaurus, driving games such as
Forza MotorSport 7, and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 for sports fans. Games are rated according to
content and specify potential areas of concern.

Choosing a Console and Getting Internet-Ready
There are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a multiplayer system. The best bet for
you depends on your preferences. If your priority is finding an affordable gaming system,
Microsoft Xbox Series S is a reasonably priced option, while Xbox Series X has better graphics.
For people who want the best game selection, Sony PlayStation 5 may be the best choice. Prior
to making a console purchase, consider the varying pros and cons of each system and research
which one may work best for your family needs.

For uninterrupted online multiplayer gaming and fast downloads, make sure your internet is up
to the task. Most areas offer 5G to prevent lag and endless buffering issues that can drive one
bonkers when trying to slay dragons and drive 200 miles per hour on a treacherous track.

Contact your internet service provider to find out if high-speed service is available in your area.
For more efficient internet usage and speed, consider purging your DNS periodically and toss
your cookies, digitally speaking. Also, make sure your software is updated regularly.

Lastly, consider investing in a new pair of quality headphones that your child can wear to
eliminate too much video game noise for the rest of the family, and to help when gaming with
friends from a distance. Just be sure to go over safe usage practices to protect your child’s

Creating Fun Family Memories
While online gaming is fun and enriching in many ways, consider a variety of activities to enjoy
with your family. Play some board games IRL, host a family art night, or try an Escape Room to
mix it up a bit. Choose diverse activities that stimulate the mind and others that challenge the
body. A ropes course or laser tag followed by a trip to a museum can offer families a fun day out
of the house and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Even if you stay in your neighborhood, getting outside for adventure is a healthy way to spend
time together. Exercising as a family improves overall health and wellness, and it doesn’t need
to be complicated. Going for walks, taking a bike ride, or even participating in a community
gardening project together can be fun and inexpensive.

Sometimes the best moments happen while doing something simple, like shooting hoops or
playing frisbee. The time you spend together is priceless, enjoy this shared span of time and
you will be reminiscing about it for years to come.


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