Getting streaming sponsorships is really important if you want to grow as a content creator and build a business around
your stream. This is important for all streamers, it doesn’t matter what streaming platform
you are using or type of content you are producing. 

Earlier we discussed subscription programs on streaming platforms, but streaming
sponsorships are also an important part of making a living while streaming. A potential sponsor has to offer the right sponsorship for your stream
and it has to be associated with the right brand that you get in contact with – not all paid sponsorships are necessarily good in the long run. 

Who sponsors streamers? 

A lot of businesses are likely to sponsor streamers because the type of streaming content can vary with
so many genres of channels. This is why it is important for streamers to know what brands they want to be associated with when searching for sponsors. 

Sponsorships don’t always have to be paid sponsorships. Sponsorships can also be a “brand deal” where a
company ships the streamer some type of product that will be used and showcased on the stream.

With that said, most sponsorships are usually a financial sponsorship, especially if we are talking about streamers
with a larger audience. Paid sponsorships are always the ultimate goal a streamer aims for, but a brand deal can be a good place to start.
Sponsorships contracts will usually be longer term, so it’s important to understand the “sponsorship process”.

Some businesses that are well-known for sponsoring streamers include Gfuel, Logitech, Steelseries, Razer, Legion, and even game studios.
In general, the most commonly paid sponsorships come from computer hardware companies, game developers, or energy drinks, since
they are all brands that fit in well when it comes to the gaming segment. 

Why is getting sponsors for your streaming channel important? 

Getting sponsorships is important if you want to grow as a streamer and of course if you want to make money from it. 

One thing is earning money from subscriptions and donations, another thing is sponsorships.
Deals with sponsors are different because getting sponsored does something that channel memberships don’t. 

Sponsorships will allow you to work more closely with a business and help your channel’s growth substantially. The money
from paid sponsorships is great, but it’s just as valuable to get recognition from those companies since they can help you gain a larger reach. 

Live streaming is always about increasing your online reach, so your audience numbers continue to grow. The more viewers you have, the
more chances you have to get good product sponsorships and partner up with businesses. 

How to begin searching for stream sponsors

It’s actually pretty simple, all you have to do is start contacting all the sponsors that you see fit for
your stream and hope for them to respond to you regarding a sponsorship. 

Think about the brand you want to associate with

Before you do that, it’s important to decide which brands you find fitting for your own stream.
This helps you pick the right brands and also helps you get the most loyal sponsors since the right sponsors
will most likely stick around if you are the perfect match for them. 

After finding out which brands to pursue, you have to make some good sponsorship
proposals so you can impress sponsors and show them that you are confident
that you can help them. A potential sponsor will always be more likely to offer a deal if they see the value in sponsoring you. 

Do research on the brands you are interested in 

It is also important that you do research on the brands that you find fitting for your
stream. Knowing that the sponsor fits your audience is one thing, but you also want to show that you have knowledge of their business, what they do,
and give them the impression that you really like their brand – which should come naturally since they are targeting the same audience as you. 

Create your own pitch for asking brands for sponsorships

When you are ready to start reaching out to brands, you have to construct a good proposal so you
can put your best foot forward. By approaching a brand professionally you’ll be more likely to receive a response. 

You can always construct a pitch that you use each time you talk to a new potential sponsor. In this pitch, you want to present
yourself, your stream, and why the brand should sponsor your stream. The popular brands usually get a lot of sponsorship
proposals so make sure that your pitch is unique so you stand out from the crowd. 

Gaming sponsorships for small channels vs. big channels

Sponsorships can vary a lot depending on how big your stream is – especially paid sponsorships. 

Big channels will usually have a pretty easy time finding sponsors, maybe even so easily that it is the
streamers that are getting contacted by brands that want to work together. This is very much the opposite of what we described before,
but that can be a reality if your stream gets big enough. 

This means that big streamers have to be selective with which brands to partner up with, especially if it’s brands
that offer related services or brands that are similar to others, or if it’s a big partnership contract that will last a long time. 

Smaller streamers will, on the other hand, reach out to a lot of different businesses in the hopes of a sponsorship, usually with little-to-no luck

Being a gaming streamer can make this extra difficult because the competition is saturated and many other small streamers
are on the same hunt as you. This is why, as mentioned before, it is crucial to represent yourself in a unique
way so you don’t end up as “just another streamer” in their minds. 

Presenting your sponsors in the stream description is also important – especially as a smaller streamer. Make sure to have the
representation in order to show sponsors that you are professional and can comply with the agreement. 

Lastly, it’s also important to build a solid stream and community before you reach out to brands. Make
sure that you, and your stream, are ready for sponsorships. 

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sponsorships then be sure to share this on your social channel. 

Created by Vejvad & Dan