Streaming has become a huge part of the video game industry over the years and plenty of new people are seeking a career
path within the streaming world every day. Streaming is a great way of entertaining people and doing what you like in front of
an audience that might get big enough for you to make a living off it.

Making a living off streaming games is really hard, especially since the competition is huge and many full-time video game streamers are
already ahead of everyone else. It is still not too late to start streaming, but where do you start?

We will show you how to find the best place to start your streaming adventure and guide you to the video game streaming platform that fits your needs the best.
Be aware that this list is targeted to people who want to stream games, even though streaming can be a lot more than just that.

What are video game streaming platforms?

Video game streaming platforms are websites where you can stream your own games in front of an audience that will
watch you live. You can also watch other streamers if you are not the type of person who wants to do the broadcasting.

A streaming platform or game streaming service is a good place for gamer’s, since it’s easy to branch out and get people to watch
your content. On streaming platforms you are able to make your own gaming channels, and get your gaming
content out on the internet in a more personal way than YouTube gaming.

A streaming platform is important since it’s your direct way to get all of your content live in front of a
live audience. Even though the streaming market has become huge, there are still only a few platforms that are dominating
the market, but we are starting to see new video game platforms that want a piece of the cake.

Streaming is a new and unique way to game, and it differentiates a lotfrom the traditional
video game industry – that is exactly why you should capitalize on this opportunity while it’s still new, you
just might be the next big star streamer.

Which video game streaming platform should I stream on?

Picking a streaming platform is one of the first big choices you have to make when pursuing a streaming
career. The answer might be obvious to some, but others might find a hard time finding the perfect match.

As you will soon learn, there are plenty of video game live streaming services, so picking one can take some
research. There are several things you have to consider before picking a game streaming service.

What games do I want to play?

Am I going for the mainstream audience? 

Am I going for a niche audience? 

Do I want to combine streaming with other types of content? 

These are some of the things you want to consider. The reason why it’s important is because some
platforms are better than others when it comes to different things. Some of the big websites like Twitch  are obviously good
if you want to get hold of the mainstream audience, but at the same time this is by far the most difficult thing to achieve.

Other people might want to specialize in some exclusive games from more unusual game
publishers where the audience is small, so you are forced to stream to platforms where that audience hangs out the most.

Lastly, some people might want to combine streaming with other sorts of content such as videos, which makes a platform
like YouTube great since you can combine the two very easily through YouTube Gaming.

The biggest video game streaming platforms today


Twitch has been the king of streaming platforms and home for thousands of online gamer’s.
Twitch has a lot of dedicated game enthusiasts who stream on their site for a living. Twitch is also the home for game developers,
gaming creators, and other people within the gaming scene who want to promote their products through streaming.

Twitch has always been known for video game streaming and has been the platform for full-time video game streamers. Twitch is also the place
where the biggest esports tournament organizers choose to stream on, which makes the platform even more relevant for gamer’s.

Even though most people stream PC games, Twitch is also known to be a place where many people
stream from their Playstation 4, Xbox One, or other game consoles.

Twitch is also a great place if you like games and if you want to be a part of the biggest gaming community in the world.
You should also be on Twitch if you want to build a big viewer base. Several streamers have become millionaires streaming on Twitch.

The downside of Twitch has to be the management. Twitch staff has gotten a lot of criticism over the past few
years after several weird bans and suspensions of both big and small streamers.

Twitch is a great platform, but also a place where you can easily drown as a content creator – have that in mind.


Mixer is one of the first, and most serious, contenders when it comes to challenging Twitch and the whole streaming
market in general. Mixer is owned by Microsoft and is run by competent people, which is the first plus for choosing this platform.

Mixer is similar to Twitch in many ways, and that is probably also why Mixer is starting to grow. Mixer is
a place where you can stream every kind of game and be a part of a smaller, but loyal, gaming community.

The site is suitable if you are a variety streamer, but also if you focus on one particular game. Mixer enables you to stream on a
platform where the competition is low compared to Twitch, which makes it easier to become a partnered streamer and grow your channel.

The downsides are definitely that the platform is still small, so it’s limited to how big of a
viewer base you can get. Big streamers like Ninja and Shroud moved to Mixer, but they have nowhere near
the same amount of viewers compared to when they streamed on Twitch.

YouTube Gaming

We all know YouTube, but not that many people knew of YouTube Gaming until recently where
YouTube really started to focus on growing a streaming platform.

YouTube Gaming is a great place for streamers who already have an active YouTube channel. Streaming on
YouTube Gaming enables you to have people watching live, while also having a normal YouTube channel
with available content that all viewers can be directed to.

The downside of YouTube Gaming is the fact that it’s hard to get a large amount of viewers. The streamers dominating the platform
are people who already have an established YouTube channel and in that way they take up most of the viewers.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a slightly odd platform and honestly should not be recommended for most people.
Facebook Gaming is similar to YouTube Gaming, just on another social media platform.

Facebook Gaming is certainly not the place to stream if you want to have a lot of people watching, but it might be a place
to stream if you have a big following on Facebook that you can take advantage of in your stream.

Facebook Gaming is also not recommended to new streamers that want to build their own brand, since the platform is
simply too small for that and not really suited for gamer’s. Facebook is rather a place to
stream things like IRL stuff, or streaming through a Facebook group with a lot of followers.

Lesser known sites 

There are also plenty of other streaming platforms out there, that are suited for gamers. It would
take a while to describe all of them so perhaps this is the time to do your own research and follow your gut feeling.

Some smaller streaming sites include InstaGib TV, Smashcast, Gosu Gamers, Steam Broadcasting, and Afreeca TV (Korean).

The list of lesser-known platforms is long and there will always be new contenders on the market. The question is which
platforms will be good enough to compete in the long run and which platforms will fade away.

How you should decide which platform to stream on?

You might have found out by now that there are several sites to choose from and all of them have their unique pros and cons.

Making the final decision might be hard, but the safe choice will always be the one where you see yourself
fit the best. It’s not just about the games you play, but also about the way you want to stream and the personality you have.

There is no doubt that Twitch and Mixer is the place where there is room for everyone, no matter who you are and
what games you play. YouTube and Facebook also have room for everyone, but it’s hard to break through on those
platforms unless you already have a following on the sites.

Twitch is the place with the most active streamers and the most competition, but also the place with
the biggest opportunities. Mixer, YouTube and Facebook are all up-and-coming platforms that might blow up in the future and
end up being the biggest online service for video game streaming. That is why it can also be
a good thing to start on a smaller site if you feel it has the potential to become the next Twitch.


Created by Vejvad & Dan