The new League of Legends season is right around the corner, which means that the rosters have been shuffled around, and new teams
have now entered the leagues. 
The LCS and LEC have a number of talented players whom you should pay close attention to this season.
Be sure to research each player’s individual stats
through several League of Legends player ranking resources to formulate your own opinion.

Will Broxah make Team Liquid even more dominant? 

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The signing of Broxah to Team Liquid might have been the biggest LCS signing this year, and also one that surprised many fans. 

The Danish jungler has had great success on Fnatic over the last couple of years, and now it is time for him to seek new challenges
in North America. There is no doubt that Broxah is one of the most talented League of Legends players that Europe has ever produced,
and it might just be what Liquid needs to achieve success internationally. 

Broxah replaces the multi-time domestic champions jungler “Xmithie”, who will be playing for Immortals in 2020. Xmithie has been
a great addition to the Liquid team, and a big reason for all of their success. With that said, Liquid needs some extra individual firepower,
that can take them to the next level when playing against the best teams in the world. 

Broxah is a fairly young player, yet he has competed at the Worlds final and won several trophies around Europe with Fnatic. Broxah is
known for his aggressive playstyle, with a lot of skill in playmaking champions like Lee-Sin and Gragas. 

Can Kobbe help TSM top the league rankings? 

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Team Solo Mid has had some rough years with things not really working out since Doublelift left the team, but this season seems
to be the one where the team is going all-in to reclaim the LCS throne.
With the departure of Zven to C9 it was time to get a new
botlaner, which ended up being another Dane – Kobbe. 

Kobbe has been good and consistent for years, and have always been the shining light on Splyce. Last year he and Splyce attended
the Worlds final, where they did better than expected and even challenged SKT in the quarterfinals where they lost 1-3. 

On paper Kobbe is a great player and also a great fit for TSM. The team is in the need of a good and consistent carry, that they can
rely on when no one else is stepping up. The team will also have some early game presence with the addition of Dardoch to the jungle. 

Kobbe has gotten a lot of criticism back in Europe for being a KDA-player, but there are reasons to think that it’s not a matter of him
trying to buff his league stats, but just his play-style being safe and calculated. TSM already have flashy players like BrokenBlade and
Dardoch, so having a calm and calculated botlaner seems to balance things out. 

Will Caps get a step closer to becoming the best of all League of Legends players? 

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There is no doubt that Caps have proven himself as one of the absolute best League of Legends players in the world. He had great success
on Fnatic, where he got to the Worlds finals, before moving to G2 where the success has been even greater. 

Last year he and G2 won both LEC titles, MSI, and got all the way to the finals at Words, where they lost to FPX. That is by far the best
year a European team has ever had. 

Going into 2020, G2 will still be the absolute favorite in Europe, and the team will be looking to win the titles in order to get another shot at
Worlds. The team obviously still has great potential, and are confident enough in their teamwork to not make any roster changes in the off-season. 

Caps is one of the most skilled midlaners that we have ever seen, yet for spring split G2 will be changing up their botlane, by swapping
Perkz and Caps. If it works out, G2 will add a whole new level of diversity, and be even more unpredictable. 

There is no doubt that Caps has the individual skills to take on a new role and still do good in it. Perkz already has years of experience in the
midlane, so the swap doesn’t seem like a terrible or risky idea.

Can FORG1VEN live up to all the hype? 

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The last man on the list is the notorious FORG1VEN. It has been years since we last saw FORG1VEN on the big stage because of his military duty. 

FORG1VEN is known as one of the biggest botlane talents the west has ever seen. In 2016 he reached the semifinals at Worlds with his team H2K.
Since then we haven’t seen a lot from him, but the expectations from fans are still insanely high. 

FORG1VEN will be playing for Schalke 04 in 2020, and will without a doubt be the main carry for the team – so a lot of pressure is already on him.
Along with him is Abbedagge who is another young talent, that might be able to help win games. 

The biggest worry for FORG1VEN is if he is able to perform like everyone is expecting. Being absent from the league for this long can put you far
behind every other player, and solo queue results might not be enough. 

One thing is certain, people can’t wait to finally see the Greek in action and hopefully, he will live up to the expectations and give every other
botlaner a run for their money.  

Created by Vejvad & Dan