Riot Games is known for their successful game, League of Legends, that was released more than 10 years ago. Since then, League of Legends has grown to be the most popular MOBA we have ever seen and has also been a big part of the esports revolution. 

After 10 years we are still seeing increased viewer numbers on big League of Legends tournaments, and the same goes for the casual player base. Despite the success with League of Legends, Riot officially announced a lot of future projects and games at their 10th anniversary back in October, which resulted in the biggest streak of Riot news that we have seen in recent months. 

The new decade for Riot Games will include new games such as a shooter, card game, mobile games, and even a fighting game. All this will be developed on the side, while League of Legends still continues its success. 

The first new title we saw from Riot Games was the auto battler, Teamfight Tactics. TFT was released back in June, and was heavily inspired by Dota’s “Autochess”. Teamfight Tactics quickly became a success, where we have already had two seasons, and several tournaments on a professional level. 

Teamfight Tactics was only the first project on Riot’s long list of games. In the years to come we can expect the following games. 

Legends of Runeterra: The Riot card game

Credit: Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra will be the brand new Riot card game, that is set to rival Blizzard’s popular game, Hearthstone. Virtual card games have been popular ever since Hearthstone came out, and even before that with Magic: The Gathering. This time Riot is jumping on the card game train and is already really close at releasing the final product on their quest to challenge the Blizzard dynasty. 

Legends of Runeterra was in closed beta in late 2019, and now the open beta is ready for everyone to play. Riot already introduced many new cards and even a ranked mode in the current beta version. 

The official release of Legends of Runeterra will be later in 2020 – the exact date is still unknown. With the addition of LoR, and other games, we will also see a new design for the Riot Games client, where everything will be gathered in one spot, just like 

Wild Rift: The mobile version of LoL

Credit: Riot Games

We all know that League of Legends has been dominating the MOBA scene for years, so why not do it on mobile as well? This is exactly what Riot looks to do in 2020. As the mobile game market has grown rapidly, especially in Asia, it’s time to introduce Wild Rift

Wild Rift will be a remade version of League of Legends, but this time optimized for mobile use. The same champions, items, maps, and more will be included, but designed from scratch to make the graphics up to date, and have the game perfectly suited for mobile users. 

The exact release date for Wild Rift is still unknown, but Riot has already promised that it will be available by the end of 2020. The game will be supported by both Android and iOS, on mobile and tablet. 

Riot Games Project A: The next big tactical shooter

Credit: Riot Games

The next project for Riot Games is the character-based tactical shooter currently known as “Project A”. The game will contain a cast of characters that will have a unique set of abilities, which will make the game fast-paced and very versatile. 

From what we know, Riot Project A will not be based on the Runeterra League of Legends universe, but instead on a near-future Earth, like the released footage already shows. The game might sound like a sci-fi setting, but the environment looks very realistic and doesn’t give a space/sci-fi vibe. 

While many people compare Project A to a new version of Overwatch, this isn’t quite true. Riot devs have already stated on Twitter that there will be high lethality in the game and no respawns. Also, the abilities will be a lot more about utility compared to a game like Overwatch. Considering the given information, the game might be more comparable to Rainbow Six: Siege, or even Counter-Strike. 

Project A is still in its early stages, so a release date, or even release year, is not yet announced. Riot has said that more information will come in 2020, and the official Project A website is already up and running. 

Riot Games Project L: A fighting game within the LoL universe

Credit: Riot Games

Currently we don’t know a lot about the Riot Games fighting game currently known as “Project L”. Since a lot of projects are under development, some will be under way for a longer period of time – Project L is one of them. 

As of right now we have only seen a really short teaser of the Riot fighting game, in the 10th anniversary presentation, and that was pretty much it. We know that it will be a fighting game, probably in the same style as games like Streetfighter and Tekken, but since the game is still far from finished, we might see some unique mechanics/features in the game. 

We also know that the game will be based on the League of Legends universe, so a lot of familiar characters will be available – how many is still unknown. What is also unknown is the release date. Riot has stated that the game is far from done, even far from Alpha, so we probably won’t see the game before 2021 at best. 

Riot Games Project F and other hinted projects

Credit: Riot Games

Finally we have Project F, a League of Legends manager game. First and foremost Project F is the game we have seen the smallest teaser from. We can already tell that it looks like a platform based game within the world of Runeterra. It also looks like a game where you are able to work together with friends – maybe the first co-op game from Riot. 

Besides that, Riot have teased a manager game that is directly related to the pro scene. In the game you will be able to manage an esport team and pick players from the real world, sort of like the football manager games that we know. 

Will Riot Games become the new Blizzard?

Many fans might look at all these new games and think to themselves, doesn’t this feel like the exact same thing Blizzard has been doing the past years? The answer is yes. Riot Games are clearly expanding their company to plenty other game genres, something that we haven’t seen them do in their 10 years of existence. 

Riot finally looks comfortable enough to explore new possibilities, and the timing couldn’t be more right. Over the past years we have seen Blizzard release big games like Hearthstone and Overwatch, but those games are starting to fade away, and that is exactly what Riot is capitalizing on. Riot will release their own game to compete with Hearthstone, and their own game to compete with Overwatch, and if these games turn out well, Blizzard will take a huge blow. 

Riot still has their popular MOBA that possesses the potential to live on for another decade and something that Blizzard can’t compete on. Blizzard on the other hand has the MMORPG game World of Warcraft, as their unique game, but the rest is starting to look really similar. There has been speculations about a League of Legends MMORPG game, but Riot has already said that something like that won’t happen in a while. 

One thing is certain, Blizzard will have to pull themselves together if they want to compete with Riot Games. The future seems bright, and the games seem promising.

Created by Vejvad & Dan