Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been dominating the esports scene in the past years when it comes to shooters. 2019 was a great year for the game, where some of the biggest esports moments and tournaments took place. We saw teams dominate during different parts of the year, where especially Astralis and Team Liquid had great runs. 

With a great 2019 in the bag, there is no doubt that 2020 will be just as good, or maybe even better. 2020 will be the year of new CSGO live events and teams that will reach a new level of play. We still have the same dominating rosters from last year in the form of Astralis, Liquid, Mousesports, and some new teams that will be interesting to follow throughout the year. 

From the start of the season, we will see the same CSGO maps in the active map pool, but with the implementation of new CSGO updates over the winter break, we will see changes in the meta and the way the game is played at the highest level. 

CSGO teams to keep an eye on in 2020

Team Liquid

Credit: ESL

There is no doubt that Team Liquid is one of the teams that you have to keep an eye on this year. Last year was a great year for the American squad, where they finally managed to take down the rivals from Astralis and got the spot as the best team in the world for a period of time. 

Even though Liquid was their best in the first half of 2019, we can still expect great things from them this season. The team has a huge ceiling when it comes to individual firepower and that alone will win them games. 

The biggest goal for Liquid in this season has to be the two Majors. Even though the squad has won several tournaments, including the Intel Grand Slam, a Major is still what they need. 


Credit: Face It

Astralis is without a doubt the best team to ever play this game, and that is why we cannot make a list without mentioning them. The Danes have been dominating the Counter-Strike scene for two years now with some of the best CSGO results we have ever witnessed. It would be very odd if they aren’t a top team in 2020 as well. 

Astralis is the only team to ever win four Majors and the only team to win three in a row as well. Last year the Danes won both Majors in pretty dominating fashion starting off in Katowice and later in Berlin. 

With a lot of trophies comes a lot of pressure and that is also the case with Astralis. The Danes are the team that everyone wants to beat, but it is not an easy task since Astralis has proven to be mentally strong and a team that will always perform under pressure. 

Astralis have already achieved pretty much everything there is to achieve in Counter-Strike, so the goal for 2020 has to be staying on top and keep their spot as the number one team in the World. 


Credit: BLAST

FaZe is a very unique team with a lot of raw skill despite several roster-swaps throughout 2019. Now FaZe seems to have settled down with Coldzera and Broky and may finally be the roster that is ready to challenge for the top spots in the world.

Last year was shaky for FaZe but they still managed to win two trophies – BLAST Copenhagen and BLAST Miami. With that said, it still wasn’t the year that most people expected. 

In 2020 FaZe already seems to have found their form after advancing from their BLAST Premier Spring group undefeated. In the group they managed to take down prominent teams like Liquid, NiP, and MiBR. 

The main focus for FaZe in this season should be finding a consistent level of play, that can grant them good results in tournaments and on the world ranking. They are currently ranked as number 9, but the team should be able to challenge for top 5 consistently. 


Credit: BLAST

The new Complexity roster will be one of the most interesting teams to follow in 2020 on their way up the ladder. The team might not be a top 10 team like the others, but they are one of the squads that have the potential to climb a lot this year, and maybe even take home a trophy or two. 

The team is a mixture of two American players, two Danes, and Poizon from Bulgaria. The team’s first showings were through some online matches where the level of play wasn’t that impressive. 

All of this changed recently when Complexity played their first LAN event at BLAST Premiere Spring where they battled in a group with top teams like Astralis, NaVi, and Vitality. Against all expectations, Complexity managed to advance from the group after beating both Astralis and NaVi – completely blowing everyone’s mind. 

Complexity has certainly proven that they can play with the best teams, and that is why they should be considered a threat this season. Their individual level is insane with a lot of room to grow. Complexity can be the team to make the biggest jump in the CSGO team rankings in 2020. 

The biggest CSGO tournaments to watch in 2020

With some of the top teams to watch out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the biggest tournaments for 2020. CSGO is known to have a lot of tournaments and it can often be very hard to navigate through all of the different ones. 

We will give a short list of some of the biggest, and hopefully best, tournaments that you cannot miss in this coming season. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of other tournaments than the ones listed, even some that are not yet completely announced. 

IEM Katowice 2020 – Feb 25th to Mar 1st

ESL One Rio 2020 (Major) – May 2020

DreamHack Masters Jönköping 2020 – Jun 9th to Jun 14th

BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020 Finals – Jun 16th to Jun 21st

ESL One Cologne 2020 – Jul 6th to Jul 12th

Major 2020 Fall (TBA) – November 2020

BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 Finals – Dec 8th to Dec 13th


If you are excited about checking out these teams and tournaments or plan on watching one that isn’t mentioned here, then please share this on social media with what CSGO event or team you are excited for. 


Created by Vejvad & Dan